Looks like my season is over :)

The weather was getting colder and I dont have heat so I called it quits 2 weeks ago. We had a week of warmer weather and it made me rethink taking my trailer apart and storing everything. Good thing I didnt act on that thought. 5 inches of snow it’s still coming down pretty steady.

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Can you keep it there? They are calling for snow at my place next week. I am not doing this for a living, but I still have leaves to take care of and some more outside work to do. I didn’t put up my snow fence yet.

Side question, do you leave your patio furniture out all winter? I pack all my outdoor stuff up for winter and put it in a shed.

Just put all my stuff away yesterday and qinterized it. Time to get ready for the oil undercoating season. Life in the salt belt…

We are in for a hard winter here. Upwards of half an inch forecasted for mid January.


Most people have “all season” patio furniture here is southern wisconsin. We just bring in the cushions. I’m a full time carpenter so this is actually a customer’s house.

Half an inch! Better get those tire chains ready :rofl:

Yeah it’s a pretty rough day here in NC


We’ll never make it through that. Praying it’s not true!

It’s coming y’alls way. It was 80 degrees in north Louisiana yesterday. Then it rained like hell and this morning it was 39. Supposed to be colder tomorrow morning

It’s getting cold here too, we may have to wear long pants next week.

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Long pants? Last friday I was replacing a radiator in shorts and it was a balmy 50 degrees.

Any excuse to break out my pants…


We get ice though. All the Yankees come down and talk about how we can’t drive in the snow. Then they sit in the ditch cause nobody can drive on ice, but we’re smart enough to realize it lol.


Agreed! Ice in a different animal. We are constantly driving in slush which is caused plenty of sliding but ice will whoop your but before you know what’s happening.

Worst diving conditions for me was a few years ago while in boone. Darn ice storm made coming down a mountain treacherous. I don’t scare easily, well except when my wife tells me she wants me to sit down and talk, but driving that night was crazy.


Lol…I hear that one. I cringed just seeing you say that. I’d rather be in a firefight…


That is a scary situation, last talk I had like that ended up with me being replaced by a woman… so your right to be worried… :wink:

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Hell yes, in firefights you get to shoot back!

Lol…You got that right. With the wife I just sit there and keep my mouth shut so you’re definitely spot on. If she goes on for too long I might throw in a “are you done yet? I have stuff to do” comment just to tee her off a little bit…lol

I probably should’ve used a different example because I’d choose a firefight over a lot of things.


I understand completely. Really kind of puts a damper on normal activities doesn’t it?

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