Looking to setup HotW PW in 6' truck bed. Best tank sizes for mounting? Got pics?

Hey guys,

I’m about to pull the trigger on a hot water unit, but don’t want a trailer. I was wondering what are the best number of tanks and gallon for each?

I’m thinking one of each: ~55 gal source/RO water tank, 15 gal SH tank. …maybe just keep a 5 gal bucket for mixing/downstreaming. I’m not interested in hauling 100+ gal of water. Ever. I mostly do residential surface and siding cleaning. I have 2 larger commercial jobs where a storage tank may be required for a few spots.

I have a 2011 Tundra with a 6’ bed and pace edwards ladder rack. The washer will fit in and under the rack. Who else works trailer-less?

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I did it with an 8 foot bed. 370gal tank, horz burner, 5.3 gpm machine with enough room to spare for extra equipment.

Here ya go… Flickr: tadindustrial’s Photostream

It’s for sale, btw.


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Donald, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a price on it? Did you ever decide to piece it out or sell the truck and PW together?

“Hey guys,I’m going crazy trying to keep up with my clients on the weekends while working fulltime so I’d like to sell everything as soon as possible. I’m asking $42k (firm) for everything. I’ll be available after 5pm on the weekdays until the 29th then I’ll be gone for 10 days. Private message me or reply to this thread if you have any questions. I really don’t want to sell the truck and the machine separately, sorry. Have a nice day!”

I just posted this in that other thread. Sorry to cross threads!!

Never mind, I just saw the price in a different thread:)

Hi, I was curious about your experience with a truck set-up and having a topper. I’m seeing no other way around one at the moment, as I don’t have a garage to park in, but really really need to invest in a mounted set-up to be more efficient and professional. Has there been any certain drawbacks or challenges with the enclosed topper like yours? Where do you store your hoses and how do you manage that part?

Thanks for any info

That guy hasn’t posted since 2014. Youre unlikely to get a response.


Hey, thanks for asking! For the past few years, I’ve basically had each truck without a topper and set up with one 8gpm pressure washer, one roof wash setup and 1 wfp setup. It’s worked well and I was able to get by with just 2 55 gallon tanks - 1 for water and 1 for SH. Using a 3/4" hose to feed the 55 gal buffer tank, there was never an issue regarding running out of water too fast. I’ve maybe had a water supply issue on 1 out of every 50 houses.

I haven’t had an issue in 8 years with theft. So keeping the truck open has worked well for me and definitely makes it easier to store ladders and work out of.

In July I purchased a 15’ box truck to turn into a two person setup (two 8gpm pressure washers, two RO/Di wfp setups, 2 20’ ladders, 2 28’ ladders, 1 roof wash pump), so now there’s no wasted time when two employees are onsite - especially with house washing where 1 guy usually just watches or moves hoses.


Wow…I stand corrected.