Looking to increase Effeciency to 8gpm/3500psi


I’ve been running a 4gpm/4000psi dewalt for about a year and half with a 20inch general pump hammerhead surface cleaner. I’m looking to step up my efficiency and have some capitol to spend (trying to keep it under $5k). I was looking at at a Pressure Pro 8gpm/3500psi from thepumpoutlet:

Does anyone have input on this? Are there any 8gpm setups that you have used and trust?

With 8gpm, I can step up my surface cleaner as well, was thinking about a 30 inch steel eagle or 28 inch big guy.

Also, I’m going to buy a ball valve - finally - and found one on pressuretek. But i’m an idiot and don’t see how that can be used on a quick connect hose. https://pressuretek.com/3-8-fpt-heavy-duty-ball-valve/



Here’s a great video on the ball valve. EDIT: I have to give credit to @Racer for making this video.


And here is the ball valve everyone mainly useshttps://pressuretek.com/3-8-fpt-heavy-duty-ball-valve/


Don’t get a portable 8. Get a skid. I wouldn’t upgrade to a larger surface cleaner either. I use a 24 ground force and I can’t move as fast as I’d like.


thanks for the reply. you have a 8gpm machine and a 24" surface cleaner? did you ever have a 4gpm machine and was there enough of a difference between 4 and 8 to justify the cost? I move super slow right now to avoid striping with the 20" and my 4gpm. So if I can move a bit quicker plus have more area covered at a time, thats worth it to me.


I have an 8 and a 4, 8 Clean’s twice as fast with my 19” and 24” speed is about the same I can just move quicker with the 19 (walking speed) but the 24 cleans a little more if that makes sense lol.


Don’t get the AR pump on it.


I purchased that machine last year (on steel skid). I would suggest a block (remote) mount unloader (the flow type, it’s much easier on the kickback). And size your nozzles appropriately for the larger machine. With a 20" SC you should be able to walk at speed. Watch out for cream removal…


Are you currently pre and or post treating? I can move pretty quickly with 4-5.5 gpm if a lay down a good strong pre treatment. Basically Im saying pre treating has shown to be very effective in increasing travel speed for me


Get it with a GP pump on it and bloc mounted K7


Ball valve is awesome for doing flatwork. Applying soap and rinsing!! 2.3 injector drawing 14/1 straight sh. Don’t have to walk back to cut off soap once u get the hang of the ball valve. Got a 8 1/2 gpm pump still putting out 8 gpm with 2.3 injector.