Looking for used Honda 8gpm/Udor pump @3000 unit/comparable

Looking for a solid used honda engine/ 8gpm Udor at 3000 with lower hours or any other similar setup.

I have been on the 4/4000 train and made my money back many times over on the unit. Skid or cart base doesn’t matter to me. Looking to do the same work in half the time. Located in Central Alabama. Thanks

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Buy new. If you’re making money the $1500 difference won’t even matter. Also if it’s new you know exactly what and when maintenance has been done. That’s just my .02


I agree - about to pull the trigger. Just didn’t know if any of you guys out there have an extra unit laying around that didn’t get thrown through the ringer yet.

Wait till the off season and be willing to travel. Guys will start selling them here and on Facebook.


Great idea - willing to travel of course for a decent deal. Thanks