Looking for tank container

I saw a video of a standing water/chemical tank with a sput on the side to drain it.
Cant find the video …
The spout was going to the side of the trailer onto a 5gl bucket for mixing the chemicals.
Need help finding this video or a link where to get this container, cant find it on line either…it was not a 55gl drum either more like a 15gl one

I have the link but fear you might steal it from the guy if I post it

I have that setup, its a pain, it has dried/cracked twice on me already, i regret getting it, its not good for chems, it leaks. I’m tempted to try to plug it and use a small transfer pump.
Someone here mentioned they got penalized by their insurance because it was a liability, so technically i think you shouldn’t have it anyway (for sh).

This may be what you’re looking for:

I think you’re thinking of my video. It’s a 15 gl drum that I put a bulkhead at the bottom.

Ty guys…
Someone provided me the link to Steve’s video.

I liked the idea as a back up.
I have a 1/4 hose with a end strainer going from the top of the 15gl drum.
But if it cracks and leaks then it is more of a head ache