Looking for Experience Pressure Washing

Hello Everyone,
New to the site. I’m starting my own pressure washing business and would like to gain some experience pressure washing. I’ve never pressure washed before but have read numerous post on this site among other sites. I’d like to shadow someone for a few days and learn as much as possible about the business. I’d work for free and cover all my expenses. Please let me know if you are interested.


Where are you located?

North Florida.

You might consider offering something in return for the very valuable information you are asking for.
Your work for free isn’t tantalizing at all.

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lol “nothing in this world is free”
Someone that thinks their wisdom is too valuable to share for free, isn’t worth listening too.


Try that approach if you get education at a college.
See a doctor.
A financial advisor.
You’re a troll

Meant to respond to
Just the tip

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That is a stupid comment.


I would think “shadowing” would be a little bit of an insurance liability risk or workman’s comp risk to a professional washing contractor with employees.
Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like something better suited for a dba or one man show to at least get you out there and see what not to do.

I’d be happy to sign a “release of liability”. I’m just eager to learn as much about the business as I can to get started.

Hit up washers in your area and see if they need a good employee.


If you want to come to Va I will be more than happy to help you. Most guys trying to get into the business dont show that much effort.

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There are plenty of people in south Ga or in Alabama that may be able to help you. If you were closer to me I’d be glad to help you.

I don’t mind traveling. I’d like to work with a few different people, if possible.

Southeast softwash in Georgia will let you come train for $300 a day. He has a youtube channel. Check it out. Some of these guys on here will give you good advice. Most will tell you that you should give it up. Innocent bystander will tell you to return your equipment if it isn’t like his. The “newbie” area is where they like to troll people. My advice is to only lurk in the background and check youtube. Good luck

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Dude, you’ve got issues.


I almost signed on to work for a soft-wash company locally just to get some experience and learn how to use the equipment. I ended up just getting a 4/4 and learning on my own through this forum and YouTube.

I wish I had shadowed a pro for a week even if I did pay them…it would have been worth it. I know there’s a few good guys on here that have allowed ones to shadow them and taught them a lot. Nothing beats hands on experience and training.

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I paid Grizz when he first came to help and learn. If you’re willing to work why not. I’m not going to charge someone to come shadow me. If you come with me you’re going to be working. Only way to learn is do it, otherwise, might as well watch youtube.


I think very few people have been told to give it up here. I’m fairly certain I’ve never told anyone to return equipment. Buy commercial grade yes, but not return.