Looking for advice on a back up machine

New here… I have a small cold water trailer rig. Mi-T-m belt driven 4 gpm 4000 psi. 16" surface cleaner. Looking for advice on a back up/secondary cold water machine. Not so much for if my machine lays down, but larger jobs that I can put a second person on.

I just landed a large stone house job… driveways, walkways, entire house, etc. The issue I’m dealing with is the house is lake front and takes up so much of the lot that I can’t get my rig to the back side of the house. The furthest point away from the driveway that needs cleaning is roughly 600’ from where the rig will be. Just looking for an inexpensive machine that will run the surface cleaner and possibly downstream injector.

Thank you in advance for the help and sorry if this is something already covered! I searched, but haven’t really found anything specific.


Facebook marketplace and find another 4/4 no sense in getting any less than that

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Thank you for the help!

Is the 600’ from the road or where the driveway starts or is there an outbuilding or something?

That’s the distance (roughly) from the furthest back I can get to the trailer to the point on the other side of the house that needs cleaning

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Must be a huge house!

Do you just plan on wheeling a machine around the house? It’s probably the only option unless you have 600’ of pressure hose. Not sure the injector would pull very well with that much hose, though.

Time to upgrade and use your current machine as the backup?


Yes, it’s a very large home on a large lot. I think that’s my best option. I don’t have 600’ of hose, but don’t plan on running it that far. I’ll just get a machine I can wheel around to do the other side of the house.

Maybe so!

Man, any way you can just rent something with wheels on this one job?

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Rent one on wheels for the day as brock mentioned, I can’t ever recall using 600 feet of hose on even commercial jobs, that’s a lot to drag around. It pays to have a machine on wheels sitting in the corner for these situations.

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That’s what I’m thinking is best, too. Thank you!

Yeah, that’s what I am trying to avoid. I’ve been thinking about getting a machine I can roll around for situations like this, but haven’t needed one yet. Any suggestions on make/model?