Looking for a new truck


That what new truck is?


No, Chuck is a 3.5 v6. I towed with 4 slice, a 4 cylinder 2.4L, and the Toaster, which was a 1.5L


These names… what was 4 slice?


2nd gen xB. A little bigger than the original Toaster, so it became 4-Slice


I use a 4.6 V8
If you have the money to go slightly bigger than i would. I would have like either a 5.4 or a F250 (or 2500 series) truck. Less stress on the truck


Found 2 white trucks 2010 dodge ram crew cab 4x4 with a 4.7 v8 and the other a 2010 ford f150 4.6 liter v8 4x4 And i found a really nice 2010 ford f150 5.4 flex fuel crew cab Rwd towing package BUT it’s black.


I wouldnt mind a 4x4 bjt ive heard they weight alot more, back on gas and requires alot more maintenance


Btw, DODGE doesn’t make trucks, and hasn’t in over 10 years.

Avoid the 5.4 if possible. Never been worth a poop… all 3 generations had lots of problems.
I bought a new Ram 1500 on 2007, and pulled a 27’ camper all over the country working, sold it with 199k on it and never skipped a beat. Some will argue that the 4.7 have lots of oil issues, over temp oil, sludge from this issue, and lifter issues, but I changed my Mobil 1 every 10k for 199k and never an issue. I owned a 2008 f150 w the 4.6, I believe I got it at 240k, was a retired DELTIC timber truck, looked rougher than a night in jail, but ran awesome and towed my Jeep thousands of miles. I believe it had. 285k when I sold it.
The 2008 Silverado I have now has the 4.8, and before I put a wild cam and heads on it it towed pretty good. Now it don’t start running good until 4500rpm, and pulls like crazy to 7000. But worthless towing! lol! It has 282k on it now and I beat the snot out of it daily, shifts at 6900rpm at full throttle, and it sees that every single day! Miles don’t make any difference at all in my purchasing any more. When I was growing up a rig with 100k on it was on its 2nd engine and transmission, and was ready for the scrap yard! These days 300k is no big deal. Everyone says “they don’t build trucks like they used to”. And they are right, now they run 200k before any repairs at all!!


With exception of 2000 to 2003 the 5.4 is the best gas motor I’ve ever owned, and the best documented longevity. I’ve owned 14 in the last 15 years or so. I’ve lost them to floods and wrecks, but never to a mechanical issue, except the 2003 and crappy spark plugs threads. Avoid Dodge and Ram. Avoid diesels. Avoid any thing below a F250 or 2500 series truck. Just my two cents


Im looking only trucks like that im seeing is the super duties and they are out of my price range.


My grandpa has the 4.8 in his chevy and it pulls great. His truck is light though. Its a single cab with aluminum heads and block in it.



Aluminum heads yes, but trucks don’t have aluminum blocks, just cars!


We all have different experiences! I had a 2006 f250 5.4 that sounded like a Cummins diesels running, rattled like crazy! Cam phasers were failing, causing noise in the valve train, the phasers leak oil and since they are at the end of the oil flow, this caused low oil pressure in the heads, which caused the camshafts to wear the journals in the heads, causing catastrophic failure before 120k. My cousin is the service manager at the local fords dealership, and in his words “we’ve replaced THOUSANDS of heads, cams and entire engines due to the cam phasers “.

And I agree 100000% AVOID DIESELS. Anything after 2007 at least. While they are unbelievably powerful these days, making that much torque in that small package comes with a lit fuse, and it’s gonna blow sometime or another. Trust me when I say this , if you get up in the morning and our diesel pickup won’t start, it will be a minimum of $2000 before it starts again. Save for batteries, but that’s still $400!!!


Ya im not getting diesal. Why did you say dodge dont make trucks anymore?
I seen a nice dodge online but its not white.



Show me one single place on that truck that says dodge. That’s a Ram 1500. Dodge stopped making trucks around 07-08

And yes, I know it’s just a marketing thing, but you will not find a DODGE TRUCK anymore.


Gotcha ive always had ford trucks. I dont know much about dodge. I thought you might have been saying all “rams” made now are crappy.



:rofl::rofl:. I won’t say that, I bought a great one in 07, 199k and all I ever did was a water pump and a belt!