Looking For a Bit of Help With a Slate Roof Bid

I’ve done quite a few asphalt-shingled roofs, but never slate. From what I’ve read it is basically cleaned with the same roof mix, but some leave out the soap. Anyway I assume more mix is required than on asphalt. Anyway, could I possibly get some input on what you’d charge for this?

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How about this question instead:
Do you bid roughly the same for slate as for asphalt or higher? I’ve already bid this. The owner can’t believe my price, so I told him I’d see what others might get for this.

Did your price include rinsing the dead moss off? If so, you could possibly lower the price slightly if the homeowner was OK with allowing mother nature to rinse the roof. It may take several sizable rainfalls to remove all the dead moss.

Hey, Micah. No, it didn’t include rinsing and I did let him know the natural process.
Unfortunately he knows what his brother-in-law paid, a window customer of mine as well, to get his smaller roof done . Power washed he said, for $300. Yikes. I told my prospect $1300 for all roof sections with a 2 year guarantee.

Hey Dan! I haven’t done any slate yet myself, but I’m pretty sure the rate is a lot higher than asphalt shingle roof cleaning… There’s a thread or two on here that discuss it in some detail, and from what I remember, the surfactant is a definite no-no and rinsing is not “optional” (but I’m sure @EcoClean is a more reliable source of info than me!)

That’s a different bear in itself.

Explain why the cost is much higher (risk of injury, size, material, expertise, knowledge, rinsing, etc.)

Try google, I believe I’ve seen some posts on other forums about slate roofs.

Best of luck!