Looking best residential pressure washing system

Hey PWR members. long time WCR fan and new to this side of things. So I have been mainly a window cleaner for eight years with a pressure washing on the side. It sells so easily and personally I like it and the money is great. I mainly do residential so driveways and sidewalks are my daily jam.

So I run a 4200psi 4gmp belt drive portable cold pressure washer and just run the surface cleaner then rinse. This has been great for a couple years now but its getting old taking out the pressure washer out hooking up hoses etc. I want something that I can just fly on. Get in and out in the fastest time on these driveway sidewalk jobs. Im seeing 8gpm is a lot better. Is hot water going to be my best bet or is it overkill for residential. Ideally i would like to mount it inside a work van instead of a trailer as well. Just personal preference.

Thanks guys

Bumping up to 5.6 gpm would increase speed greatly. With a van, you’ll likely not have a huge buffer tank so 8 gpm may be a bit much if the customers hose flow is less than stellar. We run 8 and 10 gpm machines but usually have 150 or 200 gallons in the float tank.

You don’t need heat for standard residential flatwork. Heat is also really stretching things in a van situation.

Thanks for the reply. Is your 8gpm on a trailer? im just concerned about theft here at home. I live in apartments and its street parking for me. Maybe I can squeeze an 8gmp and holding tank into a larger van like a chevy express 2500 or 3500.

We’re in an 18’ Mitsubishi box truck.

8 gpm is definitely preferred but here’s the issue; you are limited on the amount of water that you are going to haul around in a van. If primarily doing flatwork, you’re on the trigger a great percentage of the time that you’re on site versus house wahing which would have a lower percentage of trigger time. If the house hose doesn’t flow 6 or 8 gpm consistently, you’re going to stop and wait with an 8. With a 5.6, you would just motor on through.

I would haul an 8 on a van without hesitation for house washing, it’s the flatwork only aspect that gives me cause for concern.

I’m all residential. I run a 5.5 c w unit with a 35 gall buffer tank. No problems or worries at all. Of course people will tell you 8gpm is king & I’m sure they correct. But for strictly residential I do fine with 5.5. Also I’ve never had the need for Hot water. All my stuff is mounted in an enclosed trailor. Hope this helps.

I agree Tim,

The question about the need for hot water is more toward “If” commercial work comes into play, or cleaning concrete which can be done with a cold water unit but is faster and more efficient with the use of hot water. It’s really up to the business owner. I would rather have the option of hot water than not have it.

5.5 gpm is just fine for residential work, that’s what we started out with. 8 gpm is just extra volume and speeds work time, and all we use.

Again some get caught up in “PSI” thinking that the more psi the better, IMO this is wrong. Rarely would anyone need a machine that produces over 3000 psi.

Just Saying.

I guess it kind of depends on what your budget is. I get by just fine doing residential work without hot water, but there are times when I’m washing really black driveways where I would kill to have hot water. I can get it just as clean as the guys with hot water, but it takes me much longer and I have to spend more money on chemicals. Not having hot water also severely limits what you can do as far as commercial work if you’re ever considering expanding. If you want to get 8 GPM fairly cheap though, you can just do what I did and connect another 4 GPM machine to the one you already have. Call Russ Johnson and he’ll help you figure it out. Works great for me.

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