Look at these gutters

So I went on a quote yesterday ( I’ll post pics) they are having vinyl siding installed this week and they want there old gutters to look new to match the siding. I’m not washing the house so I explained to the homeowner that it was going to be expensive bc I have to clean with sh first then rinse and then brighten and scrub. I keep getting weird jobs like this.

I’ve had a couple people ask for that; I always tell them there’s no such thing as washing the gutters and not the house. It’s all gonna get rinsed, and I don’t want the siding to come out uneven if parts of it get accidentally cleaned

Oh wait, I read too fast and didn’t catch that they’re installing new siding. Spray, scrub, rinse. Then probably repeat a couple times lol

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So go clean it. Or don’t. What’s the point of your post?

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I’ve done it before without washing the house. I mixed up about a 2-3% mix in a bucket, then wrapped my brush with a microfiber towel, dip and walk along coating just the gutters. Two quick passes and rinsed. Didn’t take long at all. Now this was a ranch, I don’t think I would have bothered doing this on a tall house.

I downstream gutters like this all the time. 3 applications (undiluted), each with a 5 minute dwell time & rinse. The j rod high rinse tip comes in handy. Make sure to rinse the windows & anything else you don’t want SH to dry on.

The bucket sounds like a good idea. I was thinking either 12v sh on and rinse with a hose. Or filling a pump sprayer to apply sh then rinse with a hose. I was thinking the pump sprayer just because it’s a lot more controlled then DS or even 12v since they aren’t paying for a house wash I figured it would save me having to rinse surrounding areas. But part of me thinks that whole process will be slower.

I’m surprised you don’t have a homemade 9v bleach-fed pole for that

Doing it that was ensures you don’t get any sh anywhere else. The microfiber towel will hold a lot of your mix without dripping to much. I used a couple zip ties to hold it on. I’ve seen guys use rubber bands too.

Maybe I’ll that this is a ranch also. Did you come back after with f-13 or something to remove the oxidation?

I’d wash that for sure! Be sure to tell them that you can’t tell what is underneath all that gunk, so you can’t predict what “stains” or scratches you will uncover by removing the mildew and such.

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Just did a house with older aluminum gutters. They had spots of lichens/moss, just like that. When the moss came off, so did the paint. Totally second @PPWofLexSC. It didn’t happen everywhere, but it did at some spots.

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I tell people to expect what they would expect if they left that stuff growing on their glossy car and removed it…you’re not going to like the finish, but it will look better…


I get a few of those. Usually hit it first with 1500 fan to knock off what I can, either DS or 3% 12v and another fan rinse.

I think we’re getting off topic here. Look at those gutters!