LOL...ha ha h ha. This guy has it figured out

Came across this when looking for Pro Pressure Washing online. Still chuckling about it.

What is so special about this? I do not see how anyone would get any work with that web site.

Keywords for this post are “LOL”, “HA HA HA” AND “CHUCKLING” Insert sarcasm before and after. It’s clearly not intended to be the light that guides us. But it is funny as heck! In reality it says it all…this guy is so past playing the penny game and has stopped playing it. While i don’t suggest this form of marketing…the message is for all of us. Don’t play the low ball game. Don’t be fooled…he’s got enough money to keep paying for his website to be up…clearly he’s still in it and its not by knocking down prices trying to please the customers check book. I’m getting redundant…but I thought this was hilarious.

I love it!!!


I wonder if this guy has received just one customer with that website.

I’ve tried 3 different browsers so far, and not a single one will load this website. Apparently it’s not mobile device friendly.

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Its not…my laptop loaded it. You have to have the right plugin I think

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Its always good to have a website that people can’t view until they download a plugin.

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I find it even more humorous that you are even discussing this web site, the guy obviously is not serious about being in business.

He sure can’t be in business for long. I find it strange that someone would put up a site like this in the first place.

Just trying to have some fun dude.

I bet he uses a pressure washer like this one.

LOL…yeah maybe thats why he was whipped by the cheapskates. I’ve had a homeowner whip one out that looked like that and ask me why mine was any better than theirs. I really like the water screw on that thing.

You can get one of those at Toys r Us for $29.95 or I would be willing to sell you one for $250.00 shipped to your door. LOL

Just saw it. Lol That’s crazy! I can’t say I don’t see where the guy is coming from though…

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Or I guess I should say, I’ve had days where I felt that way. I would never take it that far though. Crazy.

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I have yet to get his site to load

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Hahaha straight to the point! pretty hilarious LOL

After 18 years, and doing well in Pittsburgh, PA my wife got a great job in California, I hate Pittsburgh and so we moved and tried to continue biz out here and do it fully CA legal. SOOO many people here in CA are a whinny bitches that live on top of the world but are broke when dealing with contractors. Unlike most other states, here in California you have go through ridiculous licensing bs just to be in biz, along with fees out the pooper. Im sick of some people using the economy to cry about stuff when they are well off and have no money worries. Other than saying f–k you to to rude and cheap potential customers and cheap bastards doing the crap ass work around here I decided to post this on my website. Yeah Im ****ed. But why do you guys care so much about what I’m doing???.. You seem to have to much time on your hands. Pro Pressure Washing used to be my URL until I changed it to the current name, I really have been around for a bit.
I had a website with 200+ pics and crushed everything around here marketing wise and it back fired on me because people use unlicensed or barely legal cut corner super cheap dirt bags here, where the words quality and done right are only words of the past for the most part. People here get excited when a company paints a house in one day here!! Quick and cheap and thats not me… I’m only asking prices from 1998 at this point and still get under cut by half??? …???

On the other hand we just had our first baby, I will be a stay at home dad and I could care less about any of this stuff anymore. After letting go of my biz in Pgh, and my wife taking the job in CA, I drive a Corvette plus two other nice vehicles and have a sweet house on over 3 acres an hr away from Lake Tahoe, 35 mins from the slopes at Sierra @ Tahoe, 21/2 hrs from San Fran, 4hrs from Yosemite Ntl park and Jenkinson lake in our backyard…in California.

I was also PWing gung ho for 20 yrs, and I am in the process of re-doing the site just in case something finds me worth it, but Im in the drivers seat now, Im done taking crap from a-holes and smart ass’. I am glad to see some of you got the point on the site, instead of all of you going 13 yr old dramaville… The rest should let it go, you should be working on your incredible business’ that mine doesnt stand up to… Check back in a month to see the work I have done from historic site building paint stripping to residentia/ commercial PW & painting if you like.

Be proud and have some balls when the extra $ push is needed, don’t be willing to give it away, its killing the respect level of what we do!!! Charge what you need and want to do the job the only way it should be done, correctly and above the customers expectation.

BTW why would my equipment quality even come into question over this ridiculous thread. Believe me I have all honda driven PW’s that kick ass with every other tool, trailer, attachment & piece needed for painting & pressure washing other than a boom lift, in which case I have 1000’s of hrs operating those too. Don’t let your wandering internet mind get to you…

Dale Robertson
Pro Pressure Washing & Painting -CA.