Little Calendars

Anybody use the little Calendars that most realtors hand out? The ones that stick to frig and tear off each month.

Dont want to go crazy, just thinking something a little different.

Edit: i know they will get thrown away when the calendar is up… but wanna be in front of frig and not on the side

I get one hand delivered to my work office each November by a lil old lady that runs an engraving shop. I always stick it on the corner of my monitor. I never actually use it though. Date is on the phone and corner of the screen anyways lol

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Thats a good point… i use one in my truck when i am on the phone. About it though.

Anyone know cost to produce?

I was gonna ask the same if someone used them.

I don’t think it is the type of marketing that lights up the phone, but it is something like you guys said sits around and reinforces your brand. That person might not call but if someone were to ask them they would rattle your name right off. Would it take 1 job to pay for itslef?

150 are $68


I feel like this is something you would ask the client after they pay “would you like a free calendar?” And show it to them, this could limit the quantity to only those slightly interested and not to those who would probably throw it out as soon as they went inside the house

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That’s 1980’s marketing…Put your $$ somewhere useful

Calendar will end up next to the phone book, and not opened for a decade

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Some people are stuck in the eighties, I’m sure you’ve come across clients without an email address


I won’t provide a quote without an email address. My system is CRM emailing quotes…not veering away from it for 10 people the entire season.

No email address means they’ll probably croke before they call you out a second time (joking)


You have to love the ones with land line only :flushed:

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My realtor sends me one of these every year with recipes on it and every year it goes on the front of my fridge. Never once cooked anything he sent me either haha. Another big one that I love personally is magnets with the sports schedule on there. Never once looked for a game time on the magnet but I sure do love them!

His name, photo, and number is blasted on every single one at the top though.

Anyone do this and track ROI?

There are different types of marketing you need to consider when developing your plan. Yes, you need to spend time putting a comprehensive plan together of your budget and what you want to do. Going about it willy nilly will produce hit or miss results lacking in results measured analysis to determine ROI.

In the end, all marketing is rooted in the basis of increasing business flow (sales). Some methods such as traditional advertising (print, radio, “ads”) still work in today’s market. If they didn’t, then not a single billboard, EDDM, etc would cease to exist. Some marketing can not be directly sales driven but centered around brand awareness. I think @Patriotspwashing stated it takes 8 touches for people to act on a brand. To me that is where these calendars might fit into a marketing plan. It is a residual brand awareness tool and nothing more. Is it a dated tool? Probably. Do people get many of these this time of year? Probably and if they are the type to keep it, they probably only keep 1 and throw the rest out. Would I give them to an already customer? Not sure, for me right now, my marketing is about driving new customers. I keep in contact with current customers via quarterly e-mails (or for the very few who do not have e-mail, I print it and snail mail it to them - takes 5 minutes and $.50 a customer).

How you choose to look at your ROI is also very subjective as well. For me, I might look at this in that if I give out 150 and only 1% which is 1.5 people act on it (let’s round up to 2) therefore I get 2 jobs at say $400 each, then I have made $800. Maybe my job cost (no labor) were $75 total, I have a gross profit of $725. Now deduct the $70 for the calendars and I am left with $655. Was I profitable? Was the $70 investment worth it? Would I have gotten those two jobs without that calendar? All subjective answers that depend on the investors view point.

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If your a million dollar business then maybe some “different” forms of marketing is something to play with.

If your doing 200k or under, a calenders not going to help you. No offense, my point is spend money and time where it will produce sales.

Take that money and time to create a beautiful presentation folder, produce estimates for 10 apartment complexes, walk in and talk to the property manager.

Relationship marketing is way more beneficial, easiest and most over looked form of marketing.

I found a local group of independently ran condo associations, they get together twice a year to learn from others on how to self manage ( they bring in attorneys and accountants to speak). I paid $100 for membership, $50 for a table… then I gave away two $100 visa gift cards, but made them fill out a contact form for the drawing.

For $250 I have the contact info of 90 presidents of condo associations… and we have already scheduled about 30k of work from this one event.
Will be by far the highest ROI we’ve ever had.


What are you saying in quarterly email/mail to not be annoying/intruding like the rest of the junk we get in our inbox?

The 30k is scheduled for next year…that’s the ones who contacted us.

I’ll be hitting them 4 times from now until March with MailChimp and then we have another conference in April


Is there a specific data base to search when trying to find these groups or is it just a scavenger hunt?