Little bit of water in the hunting house




Lots of work




Cant believe some people stayed when that hit.


It’s a very poor area. They don’t have money to go anywhere. Dozens of people in the area living in tents in their yards because of the mold in the houses. Very sad. Wife and I going down tomorrow with 6 generators after church. Complete devastation for them. Very sad. Can’t get flood insurance because it isn’t a “flood zone” so they are screwed. Most work the farms of pork industry. Low wage jobs


Bad news tropical storm micheal is projected your way late this week


Just passed right over me. Seemed like your normal rain storm wind was maybe 20mph


just seen your post. This forum fails to link the reply to individuals alot. Ya I didnt realize how many pig farms was in that area till I seen the videos of the pigs on roofs and thousands swimming for safety. That’s great of you to help out in a time of need. I will say you really do come across as a bully goober in texts but after a 3 secs of chatting with you it’s clear you are not lol. Hope hurricane Michael didnt make things worst at the hunting house.(if it even could) If you need some help in the clean up let me know. It’s not that far off a drive.


Lot of nails to pull out of the walls after the sheetrock came down


Man that sucks


Putting T 111 siding up inside instead of sheetrock.