Little bit of water in the hunting house



Nothing a sump pump and a few sprays with your wand cant fix.


Dang… that is nuts. Hope its only for hunting purpose and not a family house.


Inconvenience for us. Heart wrenching for those that live down there. Saturday is clean up day. DOT is supposed to open the road tomorrow


Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear that man, that’s terrible, I hope everyone can recoup swiftly what they’ve lost.

Stay safe, that water can be infected with parasites and sharp objects


Look at the bright side Now it’s a fish camp.


Went down by boat last week. Fish are all over the roads. Stinks to high heaven and mosquitoes are out in force


We’re dealing with a similar stink down here with red tide. It’s horrible


That’s not getting much media attention. My man jon is talking about moving to GA. You might gain some more work :slight_smile:


That water is still probably cleaner than the Cumberland…


It’s very local only a few counties. It’s also just an inconvenience. Some tourism problems but Nothing to the scale of what your area is dealing with.




Did The Land and cabin survive?


Bummer, sorry hope it turns around for you guys


Are you going to dig up your caches to check for water damage ?


Cabin is fine. Just lost a few trees. It is 30 more miles inland that the hunting place


Sorry, Will. I know that’s a hard thing to deal with.


On a side note, govt the mini stove thru a trial run at the cabin


It sounds like there is an electric fan on?


Generator for A/C