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I’m always looking for a little something new at each years Home Show. Something you posted led to this.


lemme kno if u want any of the forms, sign layouts, etc. from our show this year. the $25 coupons to everyone worked, but it was definitely the $50 off any estimate that had the best result. whens your show?

What kind of response are you getting?

Our show is Saturday and Sunday. We’re just getting ready for Friday set up now.

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Hope it goes great. How many years have you been doing the show? This was our 2nd year.

This is my third year as chairman of the Home Show. Probably fourth year with a pressure washing booth. We did eight or ten shows in conjunction with and prior to as home builders.

Every year we get something more than worth while.

Plus, we hook up with old customers and meet lots of new ones.

Pretty nifty…I need to get my booth together for a couple events i’m doing in a couple months

That’s cool Tim. Does the chairman get a break on the cost of a booth? I’ll be honest, the high cost of a booth it what’s kept me from doing this. I used to build and sell patio furniture (Adirondack furniture) and did several booths at home shows. After the cost of the booth, brochures, a banner and my time, I was lucky if I broke even. Although this was during the worst part of the recession.

Tim probably doesnt get a discount. He probably pays more. He knows the Mayor. Heck he probably owns the place. :cool:

Tim pays the same as everybody else. I also do every thing that I can to accommodate our vendors and help them have the best show possible.

We’re getting there.

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Hey Tim looks great.

Surprise you didn’t get involved with the UAMCC Convention committee back in 2009. You look like you would have been a natural with this but then again it was time consuming at times and that can be hard to give up.

That’s a great looking booth Tim…

That is a very nice booth. I have done a few as I said and that one is very eye catching and colorful. Real nice. Good job.

sweet looking booth Tim. Does Tim always talk about himself in the third person?

He does not. But sometimes I do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feed back guys.

We had a good day Saturday. We hit all of our weekend targets. And still have a full day left.

The morning after.

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Almost over.

A birds eye view late in the day when the show is about over. Most of the business has been done and vendors have already started approaching me to secure their spot next year.

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Tim how did you you do?

As numbers go? About a 7/1 return on investment so far. That is $7.00 worth of work contracted for each dollar invested. We also spoke with a lot of people and gave a lot of quotes. We’ll get more work from those folks. I also have a couple jobs to go measure, brick cleaning, etc.

The best part of the show? Hugs. Yes, hugs. I got hugs from several women that are so happy with the work that we did for them last year that they expressed it with hugs. Now, I’m not the most huggable guy in the show, but it does my heart good that someone is so happy with a service company that they would give an old bald guy a hug.

The $50.00 discount that we offered at the show? No magic there. It was not a tremendous motivator as best I could tell.

I can’t wait until next year.

As previously stated, I prefer phone sales. I believe that it is easier for someone to buy from me if they don’t have to look at me.

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