Linda Ruth Tosetti, Charities, PWNA,PWRA ,TGS and Pics

Linda and my old Union just did a Charity baseball game where we raised about $25,000 for QSAC - Quality Services for the Autism Community which is for Children with Autism. She’s been a Godsend to this industry. Besides the <ACRONYM title=“power washers of north america”>PWNA</ACRONYM> and her supporting each other she also supports What <ACRONYM title=“the grime scene”>TGS</ACRONYM> stands for as well as her gifting many individuals from this bulletin board. She’s also gifted many others from a few other bulletin boards which most of those people also come here.

She also has a little surprise for the new start up association the PWRA. Linda loves groups that support each other and also support other groups. She is involved with many Charities and she loves helping other Charities such as the Children with Autism,The Michael J. Fox foundation and in November she will be with me at a Breast Cancer Charity that my brother in law is doing in Manhattan where such stars as Susan Sarandon and Robert DeNiro may appear. Susan right now is a very good possibility.

This lady definitely has a “Ruthian Heart” and she hits one out of the park every time when it comes to Humanitarian causes and Charities.

Here’s Some pics of Linda throwing The first pitch at this Charity game and yours truly catching it. There’s also a picture of her wearing a <ACRONYM title=“power washers of north america”>PWNA</ACRONYM> hat. She’s already honored the Founding members of <ACRONYM title=“the grime scene”>TGS</ACRONYM> and she now has a surprise for the PWRA.

Enjoy the pictures and There’s plenty of other real neat parts to this ongoing story with her and her Grandfather Babe Ruth being intertwined into this industy especially for groups that respect each other.