Limestone Wall 2-StepCleaning/Sequence

No, not here for the hokey pokey 2 step reference. Trying to get an answer for washing a limestone wall with mold/algae growth & red clay build up down low and in which order to clean - mold-algae first or the red clay first? Now I already went ahead and cleaned it to the best of my knowledge knocking off the algae & mold, rinse like hell, neutralize the wall, then attacked the red clay (1 restore as I don’t have the patience for the ox), more rinsing followed by another neutralizer pass. Results were great. Wall cleaned up nice. Did burn some grass for the first time EVAR in 3 years. Just curious from a pH perspective if I should have cleaned in the reverse order or does it even matter?

some photos of the work


Burned it? You nuked it. :joy:

Wall looks good :+1:t2:

Was that full of grass to start with? I got a lead on a good pricing for pallet of sod.

Naw that was all dirt

I cringe every time I pass this old two story church with limestone face. I kid you not, the thing is so black it looks like it belongs in Salem. Ditto for a country club’s fence here, yuck. Wish I could figure out how to do it and drop by for a bid.

We did one a few weeks ago… really annoying part was trying to clean the faded marble sign. I was not as happy with the results as the customer was.

No red clay though :sleepy:

Wish I knew how to make that marble nicer

that marble looks fine. sometimes clean enough is just that

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You just run hotter mixes, longer dwells and repeat applications depending on how deep the mold is.
The power washing part of it, is to just get the surface junk off, then soaking stones with 4%-12% mixes (I start at 4% and work my way up if needed).

You can also use Prosoco Reklaim. SH can bring out a slight orange hue in limestone block whereas Reklaim does not but at a much higher cost. Reklaim once mixed comes out at $15 ish a gallon where as SH is $1.50 a gal at 4%.

I will give people two bids - one for Reklaim and one for SH. Funny, no one has accepted a Reklaim bid - they all chose SH.