Lime deposits


I just ran into a problem and I’m hoping that one of the many hands on here can point me in the right direction.
I’m looking at a contract that involves cleaning 130 barrel capacity tankers that haul lime slurry for road and parking lot construction. The lime is built up in large quantities on the back bumpers, axles and wheels. Brute force force (turbo tips) seems to be the best way to remove it but I was wondering if there is a detergent that would make a difference?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I handle the same problem. Lime is a nasty pita. Turbo nozzle is about the only way. I charge 80.00 an hour for line covered trucks and usually have 3 hours in them.


Thanks. I didn’t have that much time in them but still more than I wanted…lol


Yeah the trucks I have done haul lime dust and the whole frame and everything is covered almost like concrete. I do not like doing them


I appreciate your help.
As clarification, I was asking this on behalf of my brother.