Light rinse is all they asked for

I have been working on building relationships with painting contractors and now I have a few under my belt but this one guy always has nice buildings that don’t have mould or mildew on them so all he wants is a rinse off so he can have a clean surface to work with. My question to you pros is, would you do a regular house wash with out the SH in the mix and just apply soap on and rinse off? All he wants is the sunny side of this building and that’s it. It’s 4 sections

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Same situation a few months back. DS’d simple cherry and no SH, then rinsed. Pretty much just knocking what very very little dust that was on the surface off. Gave them what they asked for and they were super happy with the results!

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Where can you purchase “Simple Cherry?”

Pressure Tek sells it. It’s a pretty good all around soap. I have used it to wash my car with.

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I’m new to house washing and plan to purchase some Simple Cherry!

I know this is off subject

Question to all of you experts in the house washing field:

What type of PPE do any of you use with mixing, spraying SH ?

Have any of you had any Symptoms of poisoning from SH?

Just looking for some safety and health info.

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Don’t rub your eyes after handling… Lol

Good advice, we would do something similar.