Let’s Talk Reclaim


While we’re on the subject, those that have used different gas driven vacs which is the quietest? I know that’s kinda silly question but with the blower running in the middle of the night seems like a noise ordinance violation waiting to happen. Is there a way to make it quieter? I don’t think I want to fool with the electric vacs. The gas will do whatever is needed


what, are you using an electric washer? you already have a 400cc+ engine running, who’s gonna notice another?


It’s not the engine running. I usually have two running when doing sidewalks. It the blower on the vacuum


Yes blowers are loud!


I’m not sure which is most quiet, but Sirocco offers a high end muffler for theirs that helps out quite a bit.


they call it a silencer, here’s a link to a picture. It’s the muffler looking piece under the engine.


@Sharpe there is much more to it than a vacuum on a drum. You have an engine that powers the vacuum/blower (high CFM and the vacuum alone isn’t cheap), a specially made drum that has some filtration or a sand trap and will withstand the high vacuum, an auto pump-out pump (110 volt) inside the drum…


Glad you got lucky with a working unit that makes you money. Don’t hate little birds. Parakeets rarely make any noise.



That’s actually ok in some instances, but not always. Some can go into vegetation or the grass


I actually deleted my post as soon as I wrote it, put it takes 24hrs to be taken down according to the site. It was one of those things if I had said it out loud I would been like nope probably want work cause its a water pump…and normally have to keep them primed and if I am following along correctly these reclaim units are a vacuum that can handle chemicals, right??


They aren’t any different than a regular sump pump. Things get complicated when filtration, hauling water away etc get involved.