Len Sutton

Please welcome Len Sutton of Sea to Summit Pressure Washing from Liberty, SC to the Pressure Washing Resource Association!

Welcome Len!

Is this the same Len Sutton from Fl?

Welcome Len

Hey Len great to cya here. Enjoyed that Dinner we had yrs ago. Fond memories.

Welcome, Len

Oh crap! I was hoping Len wouldn’t find out about PWRA!


Me too! I need to watch out for you upstate guys… I better not see a sea to summit or Eco clean franchise down here with all that you are learning about marketing here at PWRA…

Great to see you here Len!


I know John. I still talk about that place and I was actually telling someone about it last week. It was pricey for sure, but to this day in my entire life, I have never had a tastier piece of fish than what I had that evening. I also remember that steak you got was cooked to 100% perfection as well . As good as that meal was, the conversations were equally as good and I hope we see each other again someday.

Hey Bob… only difference is, Micah is not kidding. I am glad to be here finally and am looking forward to being on board… Actually, I was just kidding about Micah. He is how I found out about the PWRA in the first place.

Len, for the right price I can take care of the Micah situation and give you exclusivity.

Bob, if you want all of South Carolina…

That’s alright… Micah is okay and we even help each other out a lot, but there is this one guy we may want to talk to you about sometime. Thanks for the offer though. If things ever change, I’ll let you know… :wink: