Launch of A New Exterior Cleaning Directory

Today is the launch date for a new exterior cleaner directory. Cleaning Contractors Directory - Find Local Cleaning Contractors - Trusted Cleaning Contractors Reviews.
The development group has been working on this directory for months now. This directory is not affiliated with any organization, special group or forum. It is a stand-alone directory.
The concept resulted from the success of the Professional Roof Cleaner Association, which is also a stand-alone site. Since 2011 the PRCA has generated many leads for roof cleaners throughout the U.S. and Canada.
This directory covers both the U.S. and Canada. It also covers all types of exterior cleaning needs for the potential residential owner or commercial business.
The directory features a mini web site, separate and apart, for each service provider member. Unlike some of the other directories where all providers are somewhat grouped together. The exterior cleaner directory provides each member with their own listing ability and independent from other service providers. Depending on the level of membership will determine the many options and degree of listing each member wants.
The options and features are many in number and too much to list here. The directory structure has built in SEO features and links back to each member’s personal web site.
There are over 7,500, what we consider viable exterior cleaning services within the U. S. and Canada. We had a group of people that have spent months vetting each service provider. For services provided, time in service, web presence, technique and most of all contact ability. Can a potential customer contact the service provider with easiness?
The directory has a built in CMS and those that meet the vetting requirements will receive an invitation to join the directory free of charge. Those outside the requirements can still apply to join but will be vetted and must meet the vetting requirements or will not be permitted to join or be listed.
The objective is to provide a location for the potential residential or commercial business owners to have a one stop shop for all their exterior cleaning needs. Again, the priority here is focused towards the potential customer(s). Our marketing will be towards to potential customers not the service providers/members. That will be up to each member within there listing to do their own marketing to the potential customers.
Though we have provided all the information about the directory and what it has to offer and will have how to videos for members to navigate the directory when listing. We do have a customer support staff to answer all questions or concerns through the directory by contact.
Now onto marketing the directory!

Sound interesting. I remember talking to Barry From Ohio last year on something similar to but it was for roof washing. It may have even been the place you mentioned(can’t remember his site)

What are the vetting requirements to get the free listing and is there a potential cost to the contractor to stay listed on this site?

No cost. Their choice on how they want to market their services. They can upgrade for more features and listing on a monthly basis. Any paid membership funds goes to marketing the directory.

Vetting is to prevent what we consider the fly by night services and those services that process could do more harm than good. It is all subjective but any directory will only be as good as the service providers on there.

The directory is one of it’s kind in the features it has. We have alerts set up so when anyone comes on we know it instantly. Different levels of membership offers more listing services, locations, videos, photos, blog, coupons, classified ads, each member listing is their own mini web site. Has all the social links, web site links etc.

I think you might have a hard time finding the revenue to justify the cost of running and developing the site. For a lot of companies, the SEO is done by professional companies that don’t do the upgraded packages. You have to get a lot of traffic to justify people paying for exposure on a monthly basis.

I see your point but the SEO is a common thing these days and pretty simple though many contractors haven’t figured it out for their personal sites. But that is just one factor, the directory is designed for the benefit of the potential customer. Granted the service provider has the opportunity to benefit provided they get their service in front of the potential customer. I have another site PRCA that gets weekly requests for service providers and that is just for roof cleaning, this is all exterior cleaning. Yes it takes time like anything but in the end has great potential. As to monthly pricing that isn’t engraved in stone, had to start some where, always easier to drop but not to raise. The monthly cost of the directory itself is very reasonable. What I pay an SEO person to up date my web sites I can run the directory for a year.

I don’t knock any new ideas to get exposure, You need the exposure and traffic before anyone is going to pay to upgrade their listing.

Also I do not like the idea that it is up to someone elses opinion whether my company is worthy enough to belong to their directory.

Yes, it’s true that it’s easier to drop the price than raise it, I’m just saying I think you need actual traffic before anyone’s willing to pay. I would, at the very least, probably offer a life-time one off fee that is probably 12x-24x monthly payments for the same so they get to choose and see if it is actually sellable.

Another thing is there are already other directories out there that are similar, Angies List does the same thing, except they are expanded to more services. They also charge for upgraded listings.

They have major marketing dollars behind them. I am not totally convinced it is worth upgrading there either. The problem I have with AL is that they charge people to use it. That limits the exposure to only people that pay in your local area.

Even after as long as that site has been around there are not a lot of businesses using it, most of the time the closest company is around 50 miles away. I have not had much traffic from AL to warrant paying any amount to have a priority listing.

I think it is going to be a major uphill battle for you limiting yourself to Exterior Cleaning. Most people that want cleaning done are not going to go looking for a specialized directory to find a service.

I speak from experience. I have owned several online services over the years and it is hard to get advertisers without the traffic and it is hard to get consumers without a heavily populated site. You get lots of new traffic each month but people do not come back because they get the impression that its a abandoned site because of the low amount of listings.

Getting the growth that you desire is the hard part.

I just entered my zip code on the site & my company came up. How is that possible if I didn’t register or sign up? Please explain this to me.

John Devine.

Can you answer this question? I didn’t really see this part answered anywhere.

It appears they have populated the web site already with some businesses that may or may not have submitted their information. It also appears that there are some Premium Listings on the site as well. I find it hard to believe that all the premium listings are actually paid listings.

I am guessing that some of the premium listings are teasers to get others to jump on board.

That is my opinion, I have been in information technology for 15 years and when I see someone post on a message board advertising a new site and I go take a look at it, it raises my suspicions seeing this for a site in its early infancy.

On top of that there is talk of a vetting process. That is a turn off for me, I see a directory that could possibly lead to preferential treatment of a select few to dominate certain markets and not an honest effort to provide a service to contractors to grow their business.

That is just my opinion, I may be wrong. Time will tell.

When I do a search on PCRA, I only find one roof cleaning company and that’s Sullivan Roof Cleaning. So I am not quite sure how they were able to get roof cleaning contractors jobs with only one company listed.

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Beautiful site Bruce, very professional looking and easy to navigate. Thanks for opening this up to your fellow Central Iowa cleaning contractors.

I’d still like to know how I got listed without givin g any permission to do so. I just got an e mail with a password & profile.

John Devine.

It has been 2 days and no replies to the thread, looks like you have your answer, someone did it for you without your permission.

Ill find out.

John Devine.

John, is it bad you got listed? I mean, getting a link back to your site is normally a good thing.

By someone else signing him or anyone up without permission is equal to unsolicited email. That is why to see disclaimers at the bottom of emails for mailing lists, to give the person the option to opt out.

Who knows how much other junk mail someone may get, that is why I have several email accounts, I use one to sign up for stuff online and another for only people I know.

Regardless if it is a backlink or not or if it is good for him or not is irrelevent. The issue is someone is signing people up to populate a website to make it look like it is active and it is being done without permission.

If you want someone to sign up then send them an invitation and let them make the choice for themselves.

It was done without my permission. That’s the part that gets to me. I’m the one to decide where my company gets listed. No one else.

John Devine.

Here’s the link for the different types of membership there>> Cleaning Contractors Membership Registration for The Exterior Cleaning Directory - Exterior Cleaning Contractors

I am trying something similiar to this with Cullen Adams and here is that link>>> Pressure Washing Long Island - Power Washing Long Island NY

If these type sites work then it’s great. The only real way to know is to give them a try if you think there worth it. I might sign up for the free link on exterior cleaning contractors and go from there.