Latest and greatest apps to help productivity

I am teaching a class at the PWRA convention about productivity with technology. It seems we all find something we like and kind of “stick with it” (insert brand loyalty, daily habits, methods, etc) in our daily lives in everything we do. One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is knowing a little bit about everything and don’t be afraid to ask AND LISTEN. Part of my class discussion is going to be on movability with productivity and what can make your business more streamlined.

Everyone right now is eagerly watching Street Bidder (either as a consumer or as a critic) for how it will help our industry. It is very cutting edge and is delving into a whole new field of marketing. This is a good thing, but without people talking it up and causing a stir about it ( [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] for a big help in getting the “buzz” generated) most of us wouldn’t know about it.

Long story short, what apps are you using (looking for mostly new apps here) that is helping drive your business and is the biggest help to make you more productive?

The customer factor

Customer database
Custom customer emails
Expense tracking

The customer email function alone has gone a long way in setting me apart from my competition with my customers

Street Bidder and Voxer!