Late july / august slowtime

I was wondering what time of year does it pick back up again. I know right after the 4th it starts to slow down, about what time does it pick up again.

Depends on what you wash. We slow down around mid January and pick back up around the first of February

I a bit north. Pretty much just vinyl siding for the most part. I try to stay away from mostly everything else. I have noticed I am getting more request for commercial buildings though. 99% I don’t have the knowledge to do and have to turn down.

We stay busy all year,every year. knock on wood,but we’re truck/ equipment washers

I don’t know if window cleaning directly coincides with PW, but it’s very dependent on what kids are doing.

Typically the youngsters are on vacation in July so parents plan the vacations right now. They’re busy in August getting ready for school, but once they are settled in the classroom we get an uptick in calls. Right before major holidays is a busy time as well.

I haven’t had a serious call for PW in two weeks, mostly tire kickers.


Thanks buddy. I am getting requests for commercial jobs right now. The rest of the house washing is pretty done. I am gonna hold off on marketing and market harder once I see it pick up.

Got a few request for houses, but they are in areas I dont want to serve right now.

Yeap! That’s residential for you…

Try to mix in some commercial work, monthly work is always nice

Getting an 8gpm hot box and a 24 inch surface cleaner. Gonna try to sell some hot cleanup.

All of this is if I get a large prepayment on a small parking garage.