Last Chance for NOLA 2013- The Sixth Annual New Orleans Networking Event!

The hotel is full but there are a few seats available in the seminar.
Make SURE you have a place to stay before you register, as tickets are non-refundable after December 1, 2012.

This is the hotel website:

This is the address of the Event so you can use to find a nearby hotel:
Beauregard-Keyes House 1113 Chartres Street New Orleans, LA 70116

Here is the link to register:

Pretty funny nola is the day after my 21st birthday…


or amazing

Oh man Trey I thought you were keeping that a secret!! You coming?

Anya Curry
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If I remember Trey said he didnt want Alcohol poisoning.

lol Couldn’t be able to go anyway, too expensive right now

Hey Trey if you could possibly swing it-- go for it dude. Look at it like this. Most guys don’t get to go to a NOLA type event until there in the 30’s at least unless your name is Charlie Soden who is way ahead of the curve and was there last year at age aprox 23.

You can write off the whole trip pretty much so if it cost you a grand let’s say your going to get back about a third.

The knowledge and life time experience you’ll get out of a NOLA event is priceless with memories and money in your pocket when your Powerwashing season kicks in high gear again next year.

Since you’ll be turning 21 our famous drink here the “Long Island ice tea” with 5 different alcohol blends to it or whatever your drink of choice is the first round is on me and I wouldn’t be surprise if a few others chimed in here to join in on the fun.

If you want to make the money you have to spend some money wisely to get there and NOLA is “Money in the bank” in more ways then one.

I made to Huntsville, I understand the importance of going to every event I can. Just can’t swing it…the cost of the hotel pull the nail on the coffin in this one…

I’d love to go to the next NOLA, my wife is pregnant and our baby won’t even be 1 month old by this NOLA.

You made it to Huntsville which is good. You got to experience the value of these events so you already know. To be 21 and your married already and a kid on the way… Your already light yrs ahead of most Trey so there’s nothing I can tell ya except congrats;)

Whoa whoa whoa I’m not married and hopefully do not have a kid on the way!


Little mix up John :cool:

I couldn’t responded quick enough. I was going to say I don’t remember no ring on Trey hahha

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Oops. Good thing I’m not a doctor…lol I crossed up yours and Phil’s post. At least I got the Huntsville part correct.

There are no rooms at the hotel but I have room for three more in the event if you have a place to stay.

I hang my head in shame for not being able to make this event, please forgive me.

No excuses get your tail down there. You’ll see something done up with old world class. This is not only an excellent event Guy its memorable as well. If you can’t make it I’ll drink the grappa that would be saved in your honor. Someone has to do it;)

I could kick my self in the Azz… I forgot to book my flights by the years end so I can write it off when tax time comes. Oh well just purchased the airline tickets today and it will be used for next years tax write off.

Kath and I are looking so forward from getting away from this Hurricane Sandy area that also clocked our Jersey shore area vaca spot. New"Awleens" besides all the great work Thad & Company do there its just a beautiful hotel and place to get away to…

My kids though will get a few special things when we get back. People talk about “What about the Children”… I do everything for my wife our children…and dogs:D