Larry Hinckley "True Industry Legend" retiring

I had the honors of meeting Larry Hinckley in Dallas at a PWNA Convention around 2004-2005. I even called Delco in the late 90’s when he worked for that company to pick his brain about a few things. Larry would answer and help anyone in this Industry at anytime.

He also administrated the Delco Bulletin board back in the day when it was by far the number 1 Internet site to go when it came to Powerwashing. To this day I still not have seen any bb as dominate for it’s time as that one was.

Larry has helped so many people including myself that the list would be never ending.

He is a giant in this industry and he will never be forgotten as a person who really cared… To help you:cool:
Anyone else have anything to add Post it here…
Thank You Larry Hinckley - The Final Interview with a Power Washing Industry Maven Before His Retirement / Powerwash Blog