Large aluminum sided house converted into insurance office

i’ve yet to clean aluminum siding. what does it consist of. normal sh house wash, downstreaming f13, something different? what do you price aluminum at compared to vinyl? i guess to estimate the size of this building would be about 2.5 colonial houses.

i was requested to give a bid on cleaning this businesses windows and figured i would throw powerwash out there as well.

Aluminum siding can have issues. If it is oxidized you may take the color off when you clean. I always look over aluminum carefully. You can rub your finger on it to check for oxidation. Be careful if you are doing gutter whitening as it can cause streaks. Knowing when to walk away is the key.

tons of oxidation. so dont bother?

The only way to do it is if you have an iron-clad waiver in place and that the customer understands the risks. Given the reward versus risk ratio I usually pass.
I did one last year. It was old 50s siding and there was already aluminum showing through in some spots.