Lance Threading

Fellas, I purchased a long 72" aluminum lance from Bob and I know the threads on pw items is National Pipe Threading but what kind of dies have you used? I need to thread a lance w/ 1/4" threads. I asked a friend who is a mechanic and he did not have the correct die. NPT tap/die sets are not cheap… Any input is appreciated.

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[MENTION=7542]BigDBoots[/MENTION] … Harbor Frieght sells a NPT set 6 Piece Pipe Tap & Die Set … This is the one I used (1/4-18NPT) to make several custom size lances … You may also need this the hold the Die … [url=]DS-1-1/2 Die Stock for 1-1/2" diameter round dies -

Found this at the local TrueValue… patronize the local guys before the big boys

I used this and it did a successful job