Ladder Hum

Looking for input for how to reduce the humming / ringing noise from the ladder on top of my truck. At about 45mph the noise picks up enough so that I can’t use my Bluetooth/Sync for my phone without having the person on the other line asking me to repeat myself.

I’m thinking it might have been @Innocentbystander who suggested a shot of expanding foam into each rung but I could be mistaken on that.

I’m curious if I should only have to place a shot in the middle of each rung or if I’ll need to place two shots per a rung (on the outside of each).

Thanks in advance to anyone with experience on this matter.


Get a can of expanding foam and shoot it in the rungs. Boom. Problem solved. That’ll be $9.95.

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Lol I should’ve read the post I guess. Nevermind the charge. Yes, one small shot in each end of the rung.

I ned to do this.

HVAC foil tape, cover the holes.

That works but doesn’t last as long. Dab of great foam lasts as long as the ladder

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Finally, I get to share some musical advice with you guys! You’re basically dragging a 24 foot long woodwind instrument down the road & it comes alive at 45 mph. If you put a shot of foam in the middle of each rung, you run the risk of doubling the amount of ‘flutes’ you’re pulling along as well as having an octave or so higher due to half the air space & even worse, they will be way out of tune & most definitely, horribly dissonant unless they are all perfectly matched, which also wouldn’t be good. Probably wouldn’t be as noticeable until you hit 90 or so but still, I’d suggest either close up every rung at both ends or name it Kenny G and let him do his thang.

That’s true, easy to puncture through the tape if your not careful. Foam is about as permanent as you get…

shove a wad of paper in the hole only about as deep as 2in, THEN fill with foam so it doesnt fill the entire cavity full and to can easily reverse the mod if needed.

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That’s not how it works at all. You’re trying to make way more of something than it is. You literally just shoot some foam in each end of each rung, let it expand out past the edge of the rung, cut off the excess with a knife and it’s done. There’s no woodwind instrument effect whatsoever.

That’s a good idea. I’ve done this twice and never put anything in before the foam. Just shot a glob towards the end where it will expand and then usually have to trim a bit of excess.

I’ve also seen guys shove foam golf training balls in there, too. But they don’t seem to seal it up as well as foam does.

Easiest solution is just don’t carry a ladder. I never carry one unless doing a roof.

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Don’t I wish.

Maybe loosen the tie downs or the brackets on the ladder and maybe that will add some percussion to your wind section?

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Because of rattle? or due to all the horns? :rofl:

Just add a PA system & drown it out with ice cream truck music.

I dig it! I keep a 13 foot multi ladder on the trailer “just in case”, that way I won’t need it haha. Cause if I show up without it, I’ll wish I brought it.

Just an FYI, one normal size can of Great Stuff Void will do both ends of 24, 20 and 16’ ladders if used efficiently.

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It’s a minor nuisance… only noticeable during the cooler months. When the temperature drops, the air gets denser.

I love the sound of the hum. Even better, my radio antenna taps against my ladder to add a bit of persuasion to my woodwind ladder