Kiosk rental at the mall?


Just wondering if anyone has tried renting a kiosk in a mall for advertising your business?? We are getting ready to do our first home show in March and were gunna have a nice display. I’ve heard people have lots of success doing home shows it seems like I could get similar exposure at the mall. What do you think?


I’d be interested in how it performs and your setup. People are attracted to live demos. Hard to do indoors at a mall.


A bath fitting company had an unattended kiosk at the mall, now they outright rent a space with office hours and whatnot

I’m tempted to talk to the mall manager about trading cleaning for a kiosk


I’ve been doing trade shows for almost 20 years. Pitched a lot of different things and loved it and the traveling all over but getting out because it’s hard to make good money anymore with retail products. Industry has changed a lot.

But working a mall is really a killer. 99% of the people that walk by will have zero interest in your kiosk and the hours are brutal and the rent is pretty high depending on the month. March would be cheaper but the traffic would also suck. Malls are dying. You can find better ways to market a home service business than a mall in 2019 no doubt.