Keeping things organized

I’m doing a mental layout for my truck bed build and I realized it’s going to look like a mad scientist built a lab in the back of my truck. I’m looking for ideas on how to keep my 3 way valves organized in one place. Mounted to a peice of diamond plate or something similar. I know I’ve seen guys with similar set ups. Not having much luck finding the threads. Looking for some pics to get a good idea of problems I might encounter. Also if you have any other tips I’m open to ideas.Thanks

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I’ve been doing the same. On paper it looks like a mess of hoses.

How many do you have? the only problem I had with trying to figure out a way to do on my trailer was that by putting them in one place I would have to have even more hoses run to get to them. I like the way it looks when they’re together, but I finally figured it just wasn’t practical for me. Can’t wait to see.

I’m not sure how many there will be yet. At least 3 but maybe more depending on how I plumb everything. I’m hoping to fit in a dedicated transfer pump as both a backup and convince as well as my softwash set up .

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