Karcher pump leaking profusely

I have a Karcher G 2600 VH (11944040). I’m pretty sure I’m just doing something dumb, but I figured I’d ask you guys. I bought a new unloader valve and some other valves for my pump because those parts had worn out. Before the repair, the pump didn’t leak but didn’t have any pressure. Now, it has a tiny bit more pressure but leaks like a sieve. I’m assuming I did something wrong during reassembly but I’d like your opinions. My other guess is that the washers that surround the pistons are bad BUT when I took it apart after I found it leaking there was no water in the oil and I read that is their purpose.

Thanks in advance.

I have a picture up of the issue. It’s a good amount of water and it’s coming through a hole in the casting that should be there.

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Can anyone help me with this? It’s coming up on spring and I need to get some stuff washed.


Honestly, I’m not try to be a jerk. Have you contacted Karcher of the distributor yet? I don’t think many people on here use Karcher pumps…It almost never shows up when doing a search here.

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