Just too much in this video



You guys have been lying to me all this time about roof cleaning -


Even a pump up sprayer would have been better and easier than that. :flushed:


Between both of these videos all I can say is “they walk among us”…


Guys got 99k subscribers… my lord


The average person eat’s all this up! In a time where people google and review everything before making a purchase these video’s make coustomers think this is the correct way!

When you go an stand in front of them and explain the real process and the cost, they think your just feeding them BS


I had 2 people call me back for a roof wash after trying it themselves this year. I turned them both away after seeing how badly they damaged their shingles.


Why? Take pictures of the damage, document it and collect the check


Not worth the hassle. At that point they are looking to pull a fast one. Your just asking for a problem if you give them a chance.


Much of the time they just got in over their head and would be extremely greatful for a savior. At this point they recognize the worth of the job.