Just Starting a Business

I have been reading a bit on here but still have some questions. I am a full time fireman, love the job, but pay sucks. So I decided to start a business. My cousin has his own pressure washing business, so I followed suit with him. With that said, I have a few questions.

  1. Soft Wash vs. Pressure on a house with vinyl siding and why?
  2. Detergents or no detergents on houses?
  3. What professional grade detergents/ cleaners are working best?

Sorry for the newbie questions, just want to provide the best for my customers and make sure I am proud of my work.
Thanks for any and all insight!!!

Welcome, you came to the right place to learn. That being said use the search tool and you will find almost every question you have has already been answered.

To answer your questions real quick though:
1: soft wash
3: personal preference.

Build a rig with both softwash and pressure washing equipment so best of both worlds and more work to bid on,
Always use detergents, means less work, less pressure and a better finish.

All the best

Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ

I’m by no means a professional but i have read for countless hours here. Pressure is rarely needed. Let the chemicals do the work. Elemenator is highly favored for siding, drives etc. Cling-on is great for roofs as it helps it stick to it and is an easy rinse. Gutter grenade is the bomb for cleaning gutters with heavy oxidation. And kf course, you will mix this with 12.5% SH that you can find at your local pool store. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone for the insight! Sure is helpful!

I too am starting a new business in hopes that I can make it my full time.
I have a 4300 psi washer
20in surface cleaner
Rotary nozzle
A rotovac 360i and powerwand for carpet is pressure washing gets slow
What else would I need to get started?