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Hello I will start by saying that i am not ready to buy anything at this very moment as i am still trying to soak it all in but i was looking around a little and ran across this unit. I would like to get feedback on what some of you thought about it and whether or not I was on the right track as far as a starter unit. Any insight would be appreciated thanks. And also any thoughts on the seller.

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I’m just a weekend guy, 4 years in, not familiar with this website, but I like the machine and price

Any chance the the little fuel tank will be a problem? I’ve been on YouTube alot today and most rigs I saw had separate boat type fuel tanks

That’s much better than most people start with. I don’t see the gas tank being an issue and if needed you can plumb a larger tank to it.

That ‘little’ tank holds over a gallon. Very good ‘first’ unit, heck mine is a direct drive 4gpm.

It says Comet pump, if that means anything.

I dont do math… but not getting 5.5 and 3k out of that engine.

5.5ish and 2500ish is about the max… price is about right for those specs, not for 5.5/3k.

Buys from a reputable dealer.

That tank/engine will give about 2-2.5 hours of run time. Normally for me that more than enough for a house.

If adding a driveway & sidwalks then ill need to add some fuel… i dont like fueling up with a warm engine, but just becareful.

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So you’re saying I won’t be getting what I think I’m buying as far as GPM/PSI. Kind of shady maybe I’ll keep shopping.

With retail units it’s not uncommon.

What part of Louisiana? I’m up in Shreveport - I think you can find a better machine, for less $$$. My first (and only at the moment) machine is a belt driven Simpson 4200 psi 4 gpm. I think you will want the higher psi if you are serious about this and will want to run a decent sized surface cleaner. My unit is on wheels, but they can be removed and anchored to my trailer. Right now I just have the unit anchored to my trailer with tie downs and a locked down hasp. Works fine, and got the washer for around $1,500.00
I’m sure others will have their opinions of this link, but I have found this place to be a great resource: https://www.pressurewashersdirect.com/
Also, here is a link to their machines filtered down by belt driven machines:

The brands I am seeing often are: Pressure Pro, BE, Simpson, etc. Pressure Pro makes a good little unit, reasonably priced. Just don’t buy a Generac or Dewalt or some other “not all in” brand. Also, on pumps, I understand AR, Cat, General Pump, are all good brands. I don’t know about AAA. I believe Cat is the most reputable. Anyway, good luck. Hope this helps.

To the OP, i wouldnt buy from that site just based on the fact they dont even know what they are selling. That machine as spec will not produce 3k psi. They also dont list what brand pump comes with it and even though the specs say belt drive they have a pic of a direct drive in the picture.

And gpm is key a 5.5@2500 is a better machine than a 4 @4200 machine.


@ShreveWasher I had been looking at the pressure pro Kits but I am on the the fence about getting 4gpm to start are get the 5.5gpm to start and also you’re really the first person I’ve come across on here that had real world experience with them know from reading that the 5.5 would be better but at the risk of being chewed out for nickel and diming my way into business the 4gpm pumps have better prices.

@Donte55 yeah you’re right I went back to look at the ad I thought I had read it had a comet pump but it must have been on a different one that I looked at. And there is a pic of direct drive, good eye thanks

Been seeing a lot on Facebook marketplace and other sites for cheap. Some with Trailer and machine hardly used ready to go.


That’s all a matter of opinion.


Well, I am sure different people will tell you different things, and I would certainly listen to the “old pros” on the board first and foremost. I will say from my experience that my 4/4200 unit spins my surface cleaner like a champ, (20" GP Hammerhead), downstreams chem like a champ, (aftermarket DSI, larger than stock) and does great work with various tips and the gun. I just bought an M5 xjet and can’t wait to see it in action. To each his own on gpm/psi, I am just sharing my experience.

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Nice thanks for the input

If you are close by this is a good deal on a good starter unit. Houston area, starter equipment

Mine runs for a couple hrs no problem

I agree with Grizz so long as you are not planning on feeding the washer from a buffer tank. A direct drive unit is not made to draw from a buffer tank. I know there are some on here that are operating that way, and they must have plenty of gravity in their favor where water is constantly flowing to their intake. In my case, my bulkhead on my buffer tank is a little lower than my water intake for my machine, but the belt self-primes the pump, keeping water steadily fed to the machine. Just a little caution is all. You can always feed straight from the customer’s house water, given that there is ample pressure feeding from their spigot.