Just plain nuts

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Some sucker will buy that

I was intrigued until he said black soap nozzle >.> I also didnt see the price until after the video. 155 bucks is alot to spend on an unproven product with a much cheaper proven alternative.

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They are already on FB


@Innocentbystander He’s not only a injector salesman he’s also a cop I already don’t trust him lol


Talked with him at the convention, seems like a good guy. His dad is old school and they build some cool stuff.

We all beat up customers who go with the cheapest guy in town, yet we buy $15 injectors and get on the forum and ask why it’s not working.


But they make $30 injectors that work awesome.


His dad used to build pwers.
Diesel ones too.
He states that they use regular injectors.

Honestly mine last years

I use the $15 injectors…they work great but always have 4 on back up ready to go.

But if this thing is bulletproof and never fails (which your $30 injectors do fail) it’s worth the $$

Now I think I’d just buy a $20 stainless high pressure check valve and a hose barb and do it myself for $35 lol


Correct me if I am wrong. The only point of the ball and spring is to cut the SH when you using the rinse/high pressure nozzle, right? If you’re using a remote valve to cut the SH or just pulling the draw tube and placing it in bucket of water, there is no need for them. Yes, the pull rate will be higher because you’re removing a big restriction. Yes, a check valve and even a metering valve makes sense but no more messing with injectors? Hell, yeah! :grin:

PS I am probably just repeating what Patriot said. :+1:

Bhi t even with a remote if you remove the ball and spring and you get off the trigger, the pressure will shoot back through the injector orifice and your chem injector hose will be disconnected.
It has happened to me, long long time ago.
Had to finish applying chem to the house with the trigger pulled, them unhook the injector to rinse.

You can always place a bigger nipple on to the check valve and get more chem.

This honestly is a waste.

I might be completly wrong here.
At low pressure chems will be sucked
If you place a T and a nipple with a check valve with a 1/2 barb and with a clear hose for yiur chems it will still pull stronger mix.


Ok correct me if I’m wrong but why couldn’t you just put a stainless 1/4 check valve and take out the ball and spring you could do that for 25 bucks

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That’s not how that works. With out a spring/ball or check valve the injector becomes a noddle

If your ball ever gets stuck open, you’ll figure out fast why it won’t work. Chem tank will miraculously never get empty, and may even overflow lol!

That’s what the check valve is for.

Gotcha. I must’ve missed that part. Would a one way check valve restrict the same or more than the spring and ball though?

The check valve would make it one direction only I believe.