Just one of those days


What can you do but shake your head and roll with it? Started out my day with an ice pack on my low back during my first cup of coffee then switched to the heating pad during the second cup (low back issues for over 20 years). Took off to wash a large farm house along two decks and some concrete. Stretch, moan, groan then get started. About an hour into the wash, I noticed my buffer tank water kept getting oranger (is that a word?). I keep going. On top of my hose getting caught up on every little thing possible, my float valve stopped working so water was spewing out of the top of the tank. I’m now concerned with the crappy well water ruining my pump. I soap a large area and my pump starts cavitating so I rush to the trailer to shut 'r down. Looks like the well ran dry. *&^%. Now what? Thank God for longer hoses and a nice neighbor across the road that let me hook up to her property (after a phone call from my customer). Unfortunately, that meant leaving my supply line running across the road. All I could picture was a vehicle busting the hose open or even worse, wrapping it around a wheel and yanking it from my reel. The hose held up to a school bus and a dually truck trailering a bobcat as well as a few smaller cars. Glad I was on a back road that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.
Lessons learned.

  1. Ask the homeowner (on well water) if they have a good water supply. She told me after the fact that her water table had dropped and she would need to get her well drilled deeper.
  2. Might want a contingency plan for water on rural properties
  3. Even hoses with swivels will wrap themselves around yard ornaments, pins, etc and be a complete pain in the *&^ sometimes.
  4. Look into an extra filter to place at the hose bib?
  5. Gilmour Flexogen from Home Depot seems to be pretty tough
  6. Even after a bad day, I am still blessed.

Start putting all these lessons into a book and soon you’ll have a company operating policy that you can refer to when and if you hire employees or want to sell your business.


I’ve been seeing a sports massage therapist, he has helped my lower back spasms tremendously. You’d be amazed how tight back muscles get that aren’t anywhere near the lumbar and have a large impact on it.


@dcbrock You nailed it…those tight muscles really impact the back.

Believe me, these things are worth their weight in gold…I know this for a fact, about the best money I have ever spent. I have been using mine for almost 10yrs.


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