Just got my first job! BIG MONEY! Advice please!

So I just started my business “Power Wash Pro” the other day and I have been putting up craigslist ads like crazy. I got my first phone call today and I went out to give them a quote. It’s a 3000sqft house! The first floor is brick and the second floor is vynal. They have a decent size driveway and I am doing it too. I think I got a really good deal at $750. I told them they got to throw in the garden hose too!

So I dont even got a pressure washer and I just bought one from walmart for $99 bucks and I had like 300ft of extension cords a buddy of mine stole from his boss a few years back. So I know for sure I can make it all the way around.

How do I secure a latter to the top of my car? I got a 1999 buick lesabre for reference.

Here is the pressure washer I bought



Now with a 99 lesabre what you’re gonna wanna do is get a roll if duct tape and wrap around the ladder and open windows tightly to the roof. I can let you borrow a garden hose but it leaks so wrap duct tape on it also. Good job man. Love seeing good things come together.


Lol😀…too funny

I got a wooden step latter. It’s pretty sturdy and I think it will let me reach more of the house. Should I put blankets on the roof to pad it or will it be okay and not break

Dont forget about the fence and deck… stripping and staining wood is super easy. Go to Lowes and get a $30 turbo nozzle… then clean the wood, and get PAID.

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It came with a trubo nozzel, guy at the store said it is better to use the turbo nozzel, but just stay like a foot away.

Use wool blankets. They cling to the roof better and look more professional.

Thanks man!

I can’t believe that it was so easy to start working and doing this stuff. Seriously anyone can do this. It is so easy you just post ads on craigslist and then people call you.

I bet I can get like 2 of these jobs a week. I am going to be so rich and I am only 16!!!

Slow down. People won’t hire you if you tell them that. Maybe try a fake mustache or lower your voice

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Where are you?

I live in flordia! I love it!!!

He is in my home town. I got lucky finding Gary. I am going to be subbing a lot of work to him

Will you sub work to me?

Just got to get him some proper extension cords

Well that explains it. I guess I’ll leave you too it then. I seriously suggest you do some research and watch some YouTube videos before you show up to that job. Or hire someone who knows what they’re doing to help you. Anyways…good luck.

I talked him thru it. As long as he doesn’t forget the roof blankets he’ll do great

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Lol.Yeah…roof blankets are key. Don’t know how the rest of the industry manages to get by with out em.

Awesome thread thanks :slight_smile:

I just saw you at Lowes the other day. Looking good!


ALL to funny, now by stander think back when u were 16…
hale u probably had a lear jet getting u around