Just getting started with my business plan!

I’m brand new to the business, and can already tell that I’ll be able to gain a vast amount of knowledge by joining this forum! I’m looking forward to the day I can pass my own knowledge on to others!

Welcome, from fellow new member and Michigander!

I really like the heading of your thread…Business Plan. Smart.

I’ve had it drilled into my head…“Not having a plan is the most direct route to failure”!

Business plans can be a good tool to have, especially if you are looking to borrow money from someone or a bank. However business plans also can tend to cause tunnel vision. In business the way you approach problems will constantly change so 1 plan can not be a fix all solution. I have never had an official business plan and most likely never will. Instead I have always had goals and multiple avenues to achieve the goals.

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welcome to the forum! best of luck with your business!

i love xcellenxteriors perspective…all the best in your new business…