Just finished my first wash ever

I thought t would turn out better but it is what it is. I recently met a couple in our neighborhood and offered my services for free to get experience and maybe a review. They had white brick and I didn’t see much of a difference. They were happy with how white their trim got sonthats good. I wasn’t able to get the roof window area as clean as I thought I could. Not sure if it’s tar up there or what. Atleast I was able to see a big difference in the sidewalk.

I ended up with about a 3SH/2H2O mix. I never check my injector rate, which I probably should have but Bob at PressureTek told me it will be about a 12/1 with my machine which would have put me at about .6%, maybe next time I will try straight SH for a 1% mix. I used 12.5% pool shock. I’ll continue to do some free washes until I get it down. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

I guess the after pics look a bit better in person.

Another thing, I expected the 0015 rinse nozzle to shoot a bit further than it did. I got a lot higher using the 0040 high soap nozzle, is it supposed to work like that?

Yes. Use ur soap nozzle to rinse also

That’s what I ended up doing. Sucked because my ball valve isn’t in yet so I had to turn off my machine to remove the injector, did that a couple times.

Any advice with the wash? Maybe just a hotter mix next time?

don’t pull the injector off to rinse. Just pull the line put of the soap

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It won’t try and suck in air?

I use two Buckets one for my mix and one for clear water just swap the tube to rinse
and it will clean your injector at the same time.


Better to suck air until you get a three way ball valve and plumb into you tank than shutting down machine and pulling injector.

Sucking air won’t hurt , or do the water bucket like said above or put a ball valve on the injector line or a 3 way to switch to water

Thanks! I have a ball valve coming tomorrow. Might just stick with that 2 bucket idea though.

I made way too much mix for the job. Have like 3.5 gallons left. It’s sitting in my 5gal bucket with a 1in hole cut out on top. How long will it be good for? Would it last longer if I pour it back into the 1gal bleach bottles?

Ball valve for your injector line…not the pressure line

Depends on what surfactant you used.

You could have used a pump up sprayer with right nozzle to shoot base of dormers. Little hotter mix would have helped a lot. Why go spend hours cleaning something when you won’t spend 3 min seeing what your injector pulls?

You’ll get better with each one you do though. Good job practicing though and sidewalk looks fine.

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I was going to put it before the injector so I can remove it completely, maybe increase a little bit off low for the rinse

Well I messed up the order. I got a mini valve that I was going to put at the end of the high pressure hose to be able to switch between gun and surface cleaner. The heavier valve was going to go before the injector so I can remove the injector for the rinse. Turns out the mini valve is only rated for 450psi. Ow I’m going to put the heavier one st the end of the line to switch to surface cleaner and will just stick the injector in a bucket of water to rinse. I appreciate all the input and various ideas!

Another dilemma…I ordered another 12” reel to stack on my current 12” reel for the pressure line. The bottom reel holds 100ft of pressure hose that I use for every job. The top reel would be to hold an extra 100ft that I would probably have to use to reach the back of a house. Now that I’m adding the ball valve to the end of the line I would have to remove the ball valve every time I add the extra 100ft hose. Would y’all recommend I just use 200ft for every job or remove and add the ball valve whenever I add the extra 100ft? Also, say I only need 100ft for a job, would it be ok to unreel only what I need or unreel all 200ft no matter how much I need?

When i add a hose, i just add another ball valve so i dont have to shut the machine down. This does mean that the middle valve will be getting dragged through the mud and on concrete though.

It seems to me that each attachment/fitting (valve, quick connect, fitting) added would reduce pressure. Since I keep some wrenches with me I think I will just have one ball valve and remove it if I need to add a line and add it onto the extension. Not sure if this is the best route but I suppose I will soon learn! Thanks @Donte55 for all your input and helping Rookie!

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y’all are making sonething simple harder. Put 200 feet of hose on reel and be done with it