Just curious

What are the prices out there for your bulk SH? Its $1.70 now where I get it

106 including tax for a 53 gallon drum at Univar for me

I’m probabably gonna get laughed at but over 5$ a gallon here for 12%

What quantities?

It’s not how much you pay for it that matters.

It’s the installed sales price that counts. :slight_smile:

That does also play a big part in it

31$ for 5 gallons and 71$ for 15 gallons and 100$+ for 50 gal + $ for barrel

So why not by it in the 55 gallon drums? You would be paying about going rate for a 55 gallon that way. I have 2 drums delivered to me at one time.

It’s 149$ for 55 gal + 40$ for barrel so it’s not that much of a money saver. My grandpa can get a 15 gallon for 41$ but the company won’t sell to me because they know what I’m going to do with it so I’m going through him next time.

I’m a little confused? What would the price matter for based on what you are using it for? What else would one use SH for besides cleaning/sanitizing? (Laundry, water, pools, etc) it’s all the same? Also, the $40 is a deposit that you just rotate out when you reorder. We all do that. You can’t factor $40 into your cost because it isn’t reoccurring.

Because they know we mix it with other stuff and they would not sell to me knowing I was mixing it.

Correct. We buy chlorine in 5 gal. Containers for $10.40 each. Basically we buy it by the skid load is 34 of these 5 gal blue containers. Because we buy so much if I purchase 1-5gal container or a skid each container coat the same price.

Also to get what I get they require a contractors Lic. Which we have.

2.85 - 3.15

$123 (taxes included) 55 gallon drum in NW Georgia

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$140 for 50 gallons.

130 for 50

$107 for 40 gallons