Just been asked to bid on about 40,000 sq ft of Pressure Cleaning

I have a 8gpm Pressure pro and just ordered a WW Classic for the flat surfaces but a little worried about the retaining walls.
What would be the fastest and best method to clean these?
Small surface cleaner, Wand or turbo Nozzle.
I plan to pre and post treat with straight Sh through the DS but looking for the fastest and best way to remove what is left.


A 30" wand, a 25 degree 40 tip, a really good rain suit and several changes of clothing.

I am with Tim. You are going to be a mess. We always use a wand but I’ve seen Mosmatic videos where they use small surface cleaners like 10" to clean similar walls.

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I would use a small surface cleaner on outside walls, this will help to not splatter mud. On inside walls and stairwell I would surface clean and follow up with turbo nozzle.

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you can pick up a clear face mask to protect your face from flying debris, for only a few bucks.