Just because I'm curious...What you do you fellas make of this guy?

Roof Cleaner in Palm Harbor

There are many paths to a clean roof. I believe he chose the wrong one. Tamco and a few other shingle manufacturers pay us to clean their customers roofs. I sometimes wonder if businesses like his ever do the same.

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I found it interesting that he never says what he does use (or what he doesn’t use). 5 year guarantee, low pressure “soft wash”, and “all mold and algae killed”, spell out one thing to me: SH. All of the other methods come up short in one way or another.

I get where he’s coming from. There are a lot of hacks out there misusing bleach in roof cleaning. I didn’t bother calling his infomercial line, but maybe he explains which method he uses there so that he could avoid putting it in print and being prejudged by the speed readers and skimmers who have heard that bleach is bad, period. (This is just a theory)

Overall, I think focusing his marketing message more on why his business is the one you want to hire, as apposed to why you shouldn’t hire the other guys, might be more effective for him. Right now he kind of sounds like a politician running a smear campaign. Just my personal opinion.

I just googled this company, what he is doing is some technology called Nutech
which seems to be almost a paint applied to a roof. Since I do not do roofs, I"ll
leave it at that. I agree with his statements, high pressure destroys roofs.

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

I have a great relationship with GAF and do a fair amount of warranty work ,I must be doing something correct

you bothered to take a look and read that bit o marketing does set me apart form the others
and because of that and the recorded message i don’t get people calling want to get the cheapest price.

Follow the link below to contractors secret weapon and you will find out why I do what i do

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