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Hello All, (sorry for the lengthy post)
Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cort Nations, and Im 22 years old living in Tucson, Arizona. I have been working in the banking industry since I was 18 and have always wanted to work for myself as my father and uncle have my entire life. I didnt want anything handed to me which is why I dont just hop on board with them.

I have been lurking this forum for a little over a year now, sorry it took so long to set up an account. I put together a pressure washing business plan through the SBA website just shy of two years ago. Since then I have been saving up my pennies in an attemp to become fully operational without loans or an investor. I purchased my unit a couple weeks ago and still have some equipment to buy. I want to be up and running come Jan 1 2016 to start the tax year fresh. I bought what I know is probably a smaller unit with plans of upgrading when I can (2017). I bought a hot water 4000 PSI @ 4GPM unit, set up on a 12 ft trailer, all brand new. I am hoping this can get me through my first year and Im hoping after expenses, come 2017 I can upgrade. For the past year I have also been working 3 nights a week after a full day at the bank for another pressure washing company here in town for some first hand experience. Unfortunatly, that compnay only has one contract (that keeps them busy 5 nights a week) washing walkways and sidewalks for a company here in town. Which in turn means I have zero experience on the residential side, that I plan on driving part of business, so in that facet I am completely green. Other than that feel free to ask away.

Side Note: I have not posted any threads personally, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for being so professional and knowledgeable in regards to this industry. Just reading everything I can get my eyes on and using that lovely search tool, almost every question I have had, Ive recieved an answer to on this site alone. So thank you

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Welcome aboard, Cort! I wish I had done this when I was 22… I think. lol

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Thanks Jason,
I know being 22 and not having someone with more experinece as apart of my team will come with struggles. That is why I am very thankful for the guys on the forum, such as yourself, being here and being honest with guys like me.

You have plenty of experienced guys on your team, just like the rest of us do who use this awesome resource! Plus, you sound like a guy who will listen when the experienced guys speak…You’ll be fine!

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Hey, welcome. This forum and people involved are awesome. I am new to this association as well. Good luck


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Hey Cort welcome aboard. I’ll give ya some advice to way way advance you on your learning curve. Consider joining the PWRA & get your butt down to the PWRA event next august in DC. You’ll meet plenty of hugely successful Powerwashers who you can pick their brains. The classes are awesome and you will leave so pumped up the sky’s the limit & all of this is a tax business expense write off.

I started my PW business when I was 34(20yrs ago) & I waited 9yrs to go to my first Powerwashing event and as excited as I was I wished then & there I had gone so many years earlier. On the plus side though I’ve been to 30+ events since and my business now runs like such a well oiled machine & the connections I made and the things I learned have been priceless.

John T,
I appreciate you reaching out and kicking my butt into gear in regards to the PWRA and the convention. After lurking around here for over a year, I know the PWRA IS A MUST in this industry. I wouldnt even consider trying to open for business w/out joining the PWRA prior. Being apart of the association and having the tools and resources there, as well having the support of you and everyone here,I know is going to help tremendously.

Question: I have seen the mareting page on the PWRA site. I have roughly $500-$1000.00 in marketing budgeting for expenses to get going. A website and hosting will be included in that as well as the $199.00 PWRA special going right now. As far as the marketing piece on the PWRA site do all those forms (proposals,brochures, door hangers, flyers etc.) become available for my disposal or how does that work? Hving those forms would save quite a bit of money as far as my marketing is concerned.

Thanks in advance!

I too am curious about this. I need to do some more research!

Looking for anyones opinion in regards to my business name.

I have always assumed that I was going to go with “Nations Pressure Wash LLC”. Nations being my last name. But I have noticed almost NO ONE ELSE on the foum is incorporating their name into the business. Ive been thinking that going this route may have a negative effect for me. My concern is using that name then introducing myself as Cort Nations, one could assume (and be correct) that I am a one man show and am just getting started, therefore losing credibilty. I have not filed my LLC paperwork yet so its not to late. Im thinking:

GleamClean Pressure Wash.

What do we think? Im not the most creative person so feel free for harsh comments :wink:

You have 1000 for everything is monthly or

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The $1000 would be just for start-up, so website, business cards, truck magnets, door hangers, fliers, polos w/ logo etc. I know the website is going to be fairly pricey but from what I understand it will be difficult to try and own and operate a succesful business without one. Once I have a clue of what the revenue stream is going to look like I would be investing in additional marketing but from the research I have done $1000.00 should be enough to get the doors open.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Im here to learn so absolutely no hard feelings.

I will telk you one thing ditch everything but the site and cards. Get with Anya they will get you on payment plan to do your site. They are building me a new site now. 90 percent of your business will come from online. Good luck

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Finally had some time to do some more research and reading. Checked out Anya’s page and w/ a little tweaking I don’t see why I wouldn’t follow in everyone else’s footsteps, and let her work her magic. Will probably have her design my logo as well. Couple more months and I should be pulling the trigger. Excited to see the results of everyone’s expertise and input.

Thanks Again.

It’s all available for members!

Any more questions let me know or give Jess a call to schedule a complete walkthrough.

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Thad, tried to send you a private message but, being a newbie:p it would not let me. Just wanted to let you know I would love to take advantage of your offer and get in touch with you or Jess whenever your available. Everyone here has made it very clear that starting in this industry without joining the PWRA is asking for failure, and with the resources, advise, and expertise of everyone that comes along with it is top notch. I WILL be joining the PWRA, just not quite sure when (1-2 months) but I would love a walkthrough and explanation prior.

You can call me at 601-329-5819. I’m usually washing so leave me a message if I don’t pick up.

You can schedule a walkthrough with [MENTION=2114]Jessica[/MENTION]WCR via email jessica@pressurewashingresource.com or give her a call during office hours.

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Thanks. Just a heads up I will be working almost non-stop until wednesday afternoon so I will give you or Jess a call then or by thursday morning at the latest. I want to be free and clear when I give you a call, so Im not wasting anyones time.

Again, I appreciate everything you and the PWRA have done for me so far. its amazing

Just and update for anyone who may be interested. I took FULL advantage of the black Friday PWRA sale and registered. I am now apart of the PWRA.

Welcome to the PWRA! Glad to have you as a member.