Just a rant


So I have been in contact with this property owner for about a week. I finally get to the appointment this morning at 10:00 a.m. and I go up to the house. she is not there. I call her. she did not answer her phone. I go to start hooking everything up and the water does not turn on. I just spoke to this lady last night! Why are you wasting my time??? Sorry. End rant.


That’s weird, the main line wouldn’t turn on either?


Main line was open. So I guess she had the water turned off. Would have been nice to let me know after I said I use customer water lol.


In Michigan towards the fall we use to run into this problem, people turning off the water to there spickets ( or lawn sprinkler company does it when they winterize the sprinkler system). We switched over to two flat bed trucks that carry 700 gallons of water mainly for this reason. To many time we would show up and the outside water source wasnt on. Then the Homeowner is like o hey come on in and go in my basement and see if you can find how to turn it on. …HMM no thanks.