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I have a 8gpm machine. I ds and use a Jrod with the following tips. Soap low and high are
2550 and 0050 and my rinse tips are 2515 and 0015. What can i do to lower the pressure of the runs tip w/o pulling soap. Thanks PWRA pros
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You’re going to have to experiment and see how large an orifice you can go without pulling soap.

Like Thad said
just try out different tips. Different hoses have different fiction loss and downstreamers act different same as guns. Two yrs ago I could use a 0030 for soap now for some reason I can’t.

I think with our 8gpms we use 60’s for soap and 25’s for rinsing

Or just call Bob at Pressure Tek and he will let you know what size tip to use.

Anyone know what sizes to use for soap and rinsing for a 5.6 gpm pressure washer

Jrod tips for 5.6 gpm:
2510 - fan rinse
0010 - stream rinse
0050 - stream soap
2550 - fan soap

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Thank you very much

Just make sure you don’t use the 0010 tips on siding

What would I use the 0010 for then? Long distance rinse or concrete

Pressuretek says this.
THE 5-6 GPM KIT INCLUDES: 0040(SOAP HIGH),0015(RINSE HIGH),2540(SOAP LOW),2515(RINSE LOW). What do you all think about that???

That’s a little better but if you are using enough pressure to stop soap flow you are using to much pressure for house washing.

So what do you suggest.

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    1. 2515 for popping gum or someplace you need high pressure. Stop soap with ball valve, remote, or simply pulling hose out of soap.

Thank you. Appreciate the prompt response and knowledge

I use the 0010 to rinse the high spots. It works great and you don’t have to keep pulling your injector from your bucket. You’ll figure out where it works best.