Joseph Walters 20% rate increase

I just had a 20% increase in my insurance. They only write for Liberty Mutual and JW said they had too many claims from Pressure Washing companies. I’m in NJ and wondering if anyone else in Jersey had rate increase and nationwide.

I’m in NJ also and recently had the same price increase.

You have to call your agent and advise them of the increase. They called Liberty Mutual and got them to lower thend premium for me.

Who is your agent? Sarah?

Thanks. Did you have to alter your coverage to get the reduction?

No my coverage remained the same.

There was still a percentage increase, but it was much lower then 20%.

It’s inevitable in NJ and NY…

Sounds like I need to speak to Sarah.

I am a new client just on my 4th month with JW Insurance. I pay $129 a month Seems high to me. What are you guys paying ?

I was about the same before my increase