does anyone still use this my father use to talk about using it

I love my dad. Gone thirty years and I see his traits in my son. That makes me happy.

But things are different now than when my dad was around.

And things are different now for you. See, your dad didn’t have the PWRa to help him. You do.

Your dad wouldn’t have used jomax after visiting this forum, and neither should you.

Professional products bring professional results.

The chemistry and technology have advanced so much in just the last 5 years alone, much better products available now.

Your dad was probably close to my age bracket. I use to think Jomax was the greatest and also the only cleaning chemical out there…then in the late 90’s I discovered these power washing bulletin boards and I soon discovered I was wrong on both accounts… That was 15yrs ago.

Yea I know he wasn’t trying to grow this business he was comfortable doing small jobs don’t get me wrong he new his stuff and he did some big work when he was younger I might be a newbie but he taught me well I will post a vid on how he showed me to get it done that’s why I love Pwra he is gone and I don’t have anyone to ask when I run in to prob so y’all don’t know how much it means to talk t o y’all Guys thanks

It’s just scary to think the sh he used played a part in his lung cancer