Joist users


Hey after talking @squidskc I started useing joist I really like it … only thing it does not have a receipt function i call the joist to ask them to add that feature … so if anyone else is useing joist call them and ask for the same thing so we can get that function


Does it not keep invoices stored permantently?

I have it set up and was going to use it this year when i get started.


It has invoicing. Not sure on how long they stay but the ones from last year are still there on mine.


Only bad thing I’ve noticed about joist so far is no line item discounting and the email sent through the app seems to end up in the spam folder. It’s free though so I hate to complain.


All u have to if I remember right is put a -10.00 or what ever and it takes 10 off finally price



Yeah u can do a % or flat rate… i do like the app and have only played with it… ill be using to accept CCs too.


By line item discount I mean stuff like
-Multiple service discount
-service member discount
-police and fire discount
I like being specific so I just add them in the services section and put the amount discounted in the notes section. It makes me feel like Flo from progressive. :wink:People like to feel special like they are getting a deal. Also lots of people deserve a special discount like veterans and cops and firefighters and stuff like that.
With a box that just says discount I can’t do that. But like I said it’s free so I ain’t complaining :sunglasses:


Ahh I understand wha ur saying now…

I have set up the same way in the service list.


Curious as to why you offer a discount for cash


Honestly just rather deal in cash and bury it in the back yard.

Also agreeing with what Sharpe said, people do like to feel like they are getting a deal. In my immediate area there are a few dudes that charge next to nothing, houses starting at $70, driveways at $50, etc…i am always more expensive than them and knocking a little off has helped land jobs and get name out there, this will be my 3rd year so still trying to gain a peice of the pie. My prices have adjusted slightly over time to allow for cash discount and put my prices where i want to be at.


And like others have said… glad to see ya back around Sir.


Roger that. My wife scans checks for deposit. Cash just means a trip to the back to put it in. I prefer checks. Cash is too much temptation to keep it and not report it


Totally understand that. I will gladly take a check if they dont want to take a $20-30 ATM trip, normally means making a little more on a job.

yeah my wife does that picture stuff too… im not sure how it all works


@Donut i am from the 757 and I can tell you I don’t wash houses for 70 bucks and driveways for 50


Didnt know u were local… im on other side of water.


Receipt function? Can you explain this further?


I use invoices as the receipt if that makes sense to you @AquaTeamPowerWash. Not sure if that’s what you mean.


Sorry I thought you were saying you were tracking your purchases through joist haha.


Receipt function would let you send them a email for a receipt after they pay… I am using the invoice now has a receipt . But to me it’s not the same … invoice and a receipt are two different things